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Elbow Grease, aka David

Owner, Horticultural Technician, Head Landscaper

The son of a Swiss immigrant, David was taught by his Mother to grow plants in their family greenhouse, and learned the family's heritage of horticulture. David was smitten. He went on to build his first greenhouse at just sixteen, and began his business and life-long love affair with growing. Becoming a Horticultural Technician and Red Seal Certified Landscaper, he operated what had become 22,000 sq. ft. of commercial greenhouses under his management.
He, his wife and three sons sold their thriving business and moved to the Pacific Northwest to be near family in 2020 and are establishing their beloved greenhouses and landscaping business yet again. 
David is still raising quality plants from seed and vegetative cuttings in our Ellensburg greenhouses. 
Hard work is just who David is, he will grow your plants with expertise and bring your landscape to life with pride.

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Mod Design, aka Sara

Manager, Designer, Grower


Working alongside her parents, Sara grew up helping produce the family's food, raising dairy animals and respecting the hard work it takes to succeed.

 Becoming head grower for Loewen Greenhouses' Garden Center brought many years of hands-on horticultural experience. She graduated with honors as a Landscape Designer, a drafter who knows her medium well. 

Sara still grows alongside David in their greenhouses, where each plant is tended and grown right here locally.

She will make the conceptual designs and blueprints for your landscape project beautifully and accurately, and never leave a job until she's proud.

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