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How it All Began...

David Loewen of Stratton, Ontario, Canada Loved Growing Things

Third child in a family of nine children, David knew much comradery and laughter growing up a healthy country kid. Often helping on his grandfather's farm, he was plopped on a tractor at age seven to rake a field of hay by an older uncle, and he never lost his joy of agriculture.

As a young man he earned his Horticultural Technician degree and became a certified Interprovincial Red Seal Landscaper. David's story is mostly a lot of late nights and hard work, but he wouldn't change a thing.

R-Newspaper Clipping from the Early Days

In The Greenhouses: Welcome
early greenhouse david loewen grandparents_edited.jpg

David Working in the Background with Mother Maria, Paternal Grandparents John and Helen Loewen in Foreground

In The Greenhouses: Image

Beginning Days of The Grower

L-R 1. Setting the Wood Furnace in Place 2. Young and in Love with Plants (2002) 3. Cutting and using up to 40 Cords of Firewood Annually. Bottom L-R 4. Stoking the Furnace
5. Examining Plant Crop (2008) 6. Proud Grower

In The Greenhouses: Portfolio

Pushing Through Long Winters

Cold Outside, Warm Inside!

In the long winters an outdoor wood furnace heated water which then heated the greenhouses. Keeping the fires burning was a never-ending job, his brother Jonathan, father John and he managed to keep enough wood cut and ready to stoke the fire. David has slept in the greenhouses to keep them from freezing.

Growing in the Snow
Elbow Grease (Filling Pots)
More Snow
In The Greenhouses: Portfolio


David Wed his Beloved Sara 2007

A married man, David and his new bride continued to pursue their dreams for the greenhouse business together. They opened a large retail Garden Center, three gutter-connected bays in 2009.
David's folks and family still were very helpful working alongside in the business, and new staff were added as well to aid in the thriving garden center and landscaping business.
After a few years the young couple were blessed with three beautiful sons. Now David and Sara work together in Ellensburg, still dreaming, growing and pursuing. For their family, community and the future of gardening everywhere.

In The Greenhouses: About
Stunning Color
Retail Greenhouse
First baby in the Greenhouse
Flourishing Crop
Seeding Days
Big Helpers (-:
In The Greenhouses: Portfolio

Over 22 Years of Experience

R-Receiving Best Business Award 2018


Landscaping Professional

High Quality

Grows Exceptional, Healthy Plants


Puts the Customer First


Promises Customer Satisfaction

In The Greenhouses: Services
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